2 t 28 min  |  Komedia, Event cinema, Bollywood  |  Ensi-ilta: 9.12.2019

Esitykset Finnkinolla perjantaina 6.12. Helsingin Itiksessä sekä maanantaina 9.12. Helsingissä (Itis & Tennispalatsi), Espoossa (Omena), Vantaalla, Lappeenrannassa, Oulussa, Porissa, Tampereella (Plevna) ja Turussa. Kesto n. 2,5 h, sis. n. 15 min väliajan. Kieli hindi, tekstitys englanniksi.

Rated as the best Bollywood comedy movie of the year!

Bold is surely beautiful but what about bald?

Our protagonist Bala, takes pride in his voluminous, lustrous hair, only to realize later that he suffers from premature balding.

Bala becomes a balding late-twenties fellow who makes a living as a fairness cream salesman and late-night nightclub mimic/comic. Bala feels choked by his baldness. He tries all kinds of creams and oils and mystics, even a hair-graft doctor, but nothing works.

He tries to cope up with the situation and follows every bizarre advice that comes his way to grow them back. Brace yourself, for Bala and his unique tale will leave you in splits!


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