Kabir Singh

3 t 0 min  |  Draama, Romantiikka, Bollywood  |  Ensi-ilta: 22.6.2019

Erikoisesitys juhannuslauantaina 22.6. klo 19.00 Helsingin Tennispalatsissa! Lisäesitykset torstaina 4.7. Helsingissä (Itis & Tennispalatsi), Espoossa (Omena), Vantaalla, Oulussa, Porissa, Tampereella (Plevna) ja Turussa.

Kieli: hindi / Tekstitys: englanti

Kabir Singh is a story of love, passion, emotion, drama and the highs and lows of life. It's an adaptation of a very successful South Indian movie - Arjun Reddy and puts life in a different perspective.

The story walks us through the lives of Kabir Singh and Preeti. Kabir Singh is a vintage Bullet-riding, football-playing, angry, young final year medical student who believes his actions are always justified. Preeti, a first year medical student, walks into his life and it is love at first sight for the protagonist. She is a stark contrast to everything he is and at first, it seems like he bullies her into spending time with him. But time passes, love blossoms, passion roars, and nowhere does his fire lessen.

But things change; circumstances force Kabir away from his love and he seems to hit rock bottom with a force that’s surprising, yet expected. From brilliant young man whose only issue was his anger, he turns into a raging alcoholic. Despite all this, he continues to practice as a surgeon at a hospital till life threatens to throw him on his back again when he loses his medical license. His love loss leads him to a path of self-destruction.

Kabir Singh’s first song Bekhayali has absolutely floored audiences garnering eyeballs with a whopping 24 million plus views on YouTube.


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