Saving Private Ryan

2 t 49 min  |  Draama, Sota, Klassikot, Event cinema  |  Ensi-ilta: 6.6.2019

Kesäkuun Kuukauden Klassikko "Pelastakaa sotamies Ryan" nähdään Finnkinon teattereissa Normandian maihinnousun D-Dayn 75-vuotispäivänä, torstaina 6.6.2019.

Mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day with Spielberg’s wartime classic! 6th June 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the date when more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of French coastline to fight back against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Featuring an all-star cast led by Tom Hanks and Matt Damon with Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore and Ted Danson, Saving Private Ryan remains one of Steven Spielberg’s most acclaimed films and features a memorable half hour opening sequence of soldiers landing on Omaha Beach as part of the D-Day landings.

A winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Director and Best Cinematography, Saving Private Ryan will never look better thanks to a new 4K version, providing audiences with a special opportunity to commemorate D-Day in cinemas.

Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day. The United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, is given an opportunity to alleviate some of her grief when he learns of a fourth brother, Private James Ryan, and decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother...


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