Updated on 5.2.2020

Terms of Finnkino Lab

1. General

These terms will be applied to Finnkino Ltd’s (hereinafter “Finnkino”) Finnkino Lab customer programme and the customer’s actions in Finnkino’s online service (“service”) and Finnkino’s mobile application. Upon registering with the online service, the customer also joins the Finnkino Lab customer programme. An agreement is made between the customer and Finnkino once the customer has accepted these terms and joins Finnkino Lab as described in section 2. Finnkino Lab membership is valid until further notice unless it is terminated in accordance with these terms.

In joining Finnkino Lab, the customer accepts these terms and is informed of the benefits, features, content and communication contained within the membership.

Finnkino encourages customers to review the terms carefully. Should there be any conflict between these terms and other terms, these terms shall prevail as regards the customer programme.

Finnkino has the right to decide what service channels it provides.

2. Joining Finnkino Lab and customer data

When registering with the online service, the customer also joins Finnkino’s customer programme, Finnkino Lab, which requires the creation of a user account. Any individual (consumer) over 15 years of age with a valid e-mail address may join Finnkino Lab. It is possible to join Finnkino Lab on Finnkino’s website. Joining Finnkino Lab requires the creation of a customer account.

Finnkino reserves the right to accept or decline entry.

The customer must provide accurate and up-to-date information to all questions asked in connection with joining. If the customer’s details later change, the customer should update his or her details on the customer account. Providing false information is prohibited and may result in sanctions.

The Finnkino Lab programme is free, but it may include sections or services subject to a charge.

3. Rights and restrictions regarding the use of Finnkino’s online service

Finnkino grants the customer the limited, revocable, non-exclusive and personal right defined in these terms to use the service and its contents only in accordance with these terms and any terms and guidelines provided separately in the service. The customer has the right to use the service and its contents only for the customer’s personal, non-commercial use, and the customer does not have the right to transfer access to the service or his/her customer ID and/or password to a third party.

The customer may not modify or reproduce the service or its contents, or a part thereof. Furthermore, the customer does not have the right to share, distribute, transmit, publicly display or otherwise render the service or its contents, as is or modified, available to the public unless explicitly authorised to do so under these terms.

The customer may not interrupt or attempt to interrupt or otherwise interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of the service or the ability of other users to use the service in any way. Prohibited actions include, for example, adding into the service timed interference software, viruses or other material that could affect the programme structure of the service.

The customer may not use the service for actions contrary to these or other terms provided in the service, the law or good practice.

4. Finnkino’s duties and responsibilities for the online service

Finnkino strives to keep the service continuously available to the customer. However, Finnkino has the right to temporarily disable the service, or a part thereof, due to maintenance, hardware installation, public order and security, excessive load on the system or other necessary reasons. Furthermore, Finnkino cannot guarantee that the service is available to the customer in an uninterrupted, timely or faultless manner. Where possible, the aim is to communicate any changes or interruptions that are relevant to the customer in advance.

Finnkino also has the right to improve and change in any way it sees fit the content and structure of the service, product and database selection, software, hardware, contents of manuals and other documentation, service hours or other service components.
Finnkino strives to develop and maintain a high level of information security in its web service. Finnkino is only responsible for the contents of its own web service. Finnkino is not responsible for the contents of third-party services available through links on its website. Furthermore, Finnkino cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of the contents of messages sent via the open data network.
The service may not be available in all countries and it may only be available in certain languages. The service, its functionality or some features may be dependent on the compatibility of the devices used, network connections and content formats.

The service and its contents are provided as is and the customer uses the service at his/her own risk. Finnkino is entitled to modify or change the service or its contents at any time without prior notice or liability for damages. Therefore, Finnkino has the right, for example, to change or modify the products and prices described in the service, add or remove parts of the service, as well as alter free parts of the service and subject them to a charge, or vice versa. Finnkino also has the right at any time to completely suspend or terminate the provision of the service, its contents or any part thereof, or to restrict the use of the service or its components.

Finnkino is not responsible for any damages or special damages that are direct, indirect or based on liability for damages. In all cases, Finnkino’s responsibility shall always, at most, be limited to its liability under imperative legislation.

5. Customer responsibilities and obligations

Most services in Finnkino’s online service can be used by unregistered customers. Tickets for films can be purchased without registration with the Finnkino Lab customer programme. In such cases, the tickets and purchase confirmation with receipt will be delivered to the e-mail address entered at the shopping cart stage. Ticket booking, voucher purchases and any other online store services require registration.

During registration, the customer selects a password and customer ID used to log in to the service and create a customer profile and customer account. The password and customer ID are personal and must not be disclosed to a third party. When registering as a customer of the service, the customer must provide accurate information about himself/herself as requested. Providing false information is prohibited and may result in sanctions.

The customer must ensure the careful storage and confidentiality of his/her customer ID and password. The customer is responsible for all use under this customer ID and password. If the customer discovers or suspects that his/her password or customer ID has been revealed or that they are being misused, the customer must immediately contact Finnkino. Finnkino has the right to suspend or close the customer’s credentials and customer profile.

If the customer has acted in a way that is contrary to these terms, terms or guidelines provided separately in the service or good practice, Finnkino has the right to prevent the customer from accessing the service and to prohibit any future use of the service.

The customer is liable for damages caused to Finnkino and/or third parties resulting from the customer’s actions that are contrary to the law, stipulations and guidelines from the authorities, or these terms. The customer discharges Finnkino and all its employees, managers and any parties acting on its behalf from liability for all such lawsuits and claims that result from the customer’s use of the service.

6. Links

The online service may include links to websites that are owned and maintained by third parties. Finnkino does not monitor or review the contents of linked sites, and they are not in any way controlled by Finnkino. Finnkino is not responsible for the content, accuracy, reliability or information security of linked sites.

When using links to external sites, the customer shifts away from the service and uses the linked sites at his/her own risk. The customer is advised to carefully review the terms, conditions and guidelines of the linked site before starting to use the site in question.

An external link through which the customer can access this service must hyperlink directly to the main page of the service and open in a separate browser window, not the frame of the site providing the link. The appearance, placement or other properties of the link may not adversely affect Finnkino’s reputation or the goodwill of its trademarks, or create the false impression that the party providing the link or its services or products are associated with Finnkino’s operations or are sponsored by it. Furthermore, the link may not include Finnkino’s trademarks as designs.

Links to external sites in the service and any external links to the service do not indicate anything about the relationship between Finnkino and the third party linked or providing the link.

7. Intellectual property rights

The service and its contents, such as text, images, product information, trademarks and logos, are the property of Finnkino or its partners and are protected by copyright laws and international copyright agreements, as well as other intellectual property laws and registrations.

All intellectual property rights related to the service and contents, such as copy-rights, registered and unregistered trademark and design rights, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets, as well as the goodwill resulting from their use, belong to Finnkino or its partners. Finnkino does not grant any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights to the customer.

8. Benefits and discounts

The customer can purchase film tickets either from a Finnkino Lab customer ac-count, a Finnkino store, or through Finnkino’s mobile app. The customer will re-ceive discounts in accordance with his/her customer type, as well as the general benefits and discounts of the customer programme in his/her customer account. The customer will be granted the right to benefits and discounts based on the personalised codes delivered to the customer account in Finnkino’s online store or at Finnkino stores.

In addition to general benefits and discounts, Finnkino may also offer other ben-efits and discounts of a campaign nature via Finnkino Lab. Finnkino may also provide events and services, as well as benefits or other content provided by Finnkino’s partners, to individuals who have joined Finnkino Lab.

9. Finnkino Lab customer communications

Finnkino may send customer communications to individuals who have joined Finnkino Lab. The communication is usually delivered via e-mail. Communications may also be sent via the mobile app, web service or text messages. Communications may cover communications, such as informing about services or changes. 

10. Marketing prize draws

When opening a Finnkino Lab customer account, the customer is also entered into prize draws to win vouchers, film tickets, tickets to Finnkino’s shows, or product packages.

Finnkino acts as the prize draw organiser. Prize draws are continuously held and customers will be automatically entered for as long as she or he is a member of the Finnkino Lab customer programme.

Finnkino will contact prize draw winners by e-mail or telephone. The prizes will be delivered to the winner’s e-mail address. The winner’s name may be published using their first name and the first initial of their last name, unless the winner specifically prohibits Finnkino from doing so.

The prize draw organiser is entitled to change the rules during the campaign.

If there is reason to suspect misconduct, the matter will be investigated before the prize is awarded.

11. Processing of personal data

Finnkino processes the personal data of customers who have joined Finnkino Lab as permitted and required by prevailing personal data legislation. Personal data is processed in the manner outlined in the data protection at Finnkino instructions. The data accumulated from the customer programme is used to manage and develop the customer relationship, to analyse Finnkino’s operations and to develop and target the benefits and discounts offered to individuals who have joined Finnkino Lab.

Finnkino may process location data to provide location-based services and to present targeted offers, provided that the customer has consented to the use of location data.

Finnkino strives to protect the personal data it processes from unauthorised access and unlawful handling through the reasonable means at its disposal, such as firewalls and other technical means.

12. Changes to the terms and termination of Finnkino Lab

Finnkino reserves the right to change the content and terms of Finnkino Lab, as well as the right to terminate the customer programme. Finnkino aims to announce significant changes well in advance, at least two (2) weeks before the changes enter into force. The notification shall be deemed to have been duly given when it is available to read in Finnkino’s online store or mobile app, or has been sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

The customer may end his or her Finnkino Lab membership by notifying Finnkino’s customer service at [email protected]. Finnkino, in turn, may terminate Finnkino Lab membership with a one (1) month period of notice. If the customer misuses services related to Finnkino Lab, or otherwise violates these terms or any special terms regarding certain benefits or content, Finnkino has the right to terminate the membership immediately without prior notice.

13. Applicable legislation and disputes

Finnkino Lab and these terms are governed by Finnish law, with the exception of its connecting factor rules.

The parties shall seek to resolve disputes primarily through negotiation. If an amicable settlement is not reached, disputes will be settled in the Helsinki District Court in Finland. The customer may also take a dispute to be resolved by a competent district court determined by his/her place of residence or the Consumer Disputes Board.