Finnkino IMAX-sali

Experiences await!

Founded in 1986, Finnkino Ltd paves the way for cultural entertainment in Finland and is the most versatile experience provider. Finnkino has 16 movie theaters in 11 cities throughout Finland, with a total of 113 auditoriums altogether. In 2016, nearly 6 million viewers visited our theaters.

In the Baltic countries, Finnkino operates under the Forum Cinemas brand. Finnkino is a part of Europe’s largest movie theater chain, Odeon Cinemas Group, which is owned by AMC, the world’s leading movie theater chain.

Finnkino aims to continuously develop theatrical services by both building new theaters and renovating older ones. Finnkino’s goal is to make each visit to the theater a complete experience, not only by offering high-quality films but also by providing the best viewing experience and a variety of complementary services.

Finnkino also acts as an importer and distributor of films.

Finnkino Ltd has around 360 employees, most of whom work in the theaters.