Finnkino Tennispalatsi


Finnkino Tennispalatsi was opened after a complete makeover on the 26th of February, 1999. Fourteen cinema auditoriums and 2532 seats offer a unique setting for watching movies.

Tennispalatsi was the first cinema in the world offering THX and SDDS standard equipments in all halls. Over the years it has retained the high standards of technical quality and comfort of the cinema-going experience.

In addition to high-quality picture and sound, all Tennispalatsi auditoriums offer great visibility to the screen - any seat is "the best seat"! 1,2 meters between the seating rows guarantee a spacious legroom and a comfortable position for watching movies.

The largest auditorium of Tennispalatsi, the ISENSE premium auditorium (former Scape) with 635 seats is dominated by a large 185 square meter screen. The two next largest auditoriums have seats for 346 visitors and the rest of the auditoriums have 92-144 seats.

Finnkino Tennispalatsi's customers get compensation for parking in EuroPark's parking hall. You can get your compensation ticket from the cinema counter. On Superday and Children's Sunday, you can get compensation for 2 hours, while on other days for 1 hour. 


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Salomonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki