Finnkino Plaza


Finnkino Plaza opened in November 2006 with the best video and audio solutions. All cinema auditoriums have a top-class viewing conditions. The seats are staggered so that the views of the screen are the same all over the auditorium and ensures a profound viewing experience. The cinema auditoriums have a soft seats, lots of leg room and large projection screens. The largest cinema auditorium has a 142.5 m2 screen.

Plaza's main entrance is in courtyard of Finnkino Plaza and Scandic hotel. Auditoriums 1-3 are located on the third floor, 4-7 in the entrance lobby and auditorium 8 is one floor below which can be reached from the snack store. Ticket sales and the snack shop are located in the main entrance lobby.


The parking hall is located below the cinema, you can enter it from Albertinkatu. Access from the parking hall to the cinema is possible from the both floors. The parking hall has plenty of places for the disabled people and it's just next to the cinema entrance. Please note! No parking in the courtyard of Finnkino Plaza and Scandic hotel.


Organize an event at Plaza! Ask our Business Sales Team for more information.


Torikatu 32, 90100 Oulu