Finnkino Omena


Finnkino Omena is located in the Iso Omena shopping center in Espoo.

The new Finnkino Omena opened its doors in April 2017. Finnkino Omena is the first full laser cinema in Northern Europe, featuring top-of-the-range laser projectors in all seven theaters. Finnkino Omena also has an ISENSE premium auditorium, which boasts Barcon’s laser projector, the world’s leading Dolby Atmos sound system and luxurious Italian seats.

With the new theater in Omena, Finnkino also launched a new premium concept: Finnkino Lounge. The purpose of the intimate 28-seat Lounge theater is to pamper the customer in different ways. The comfortable seats in the Lounge theater are wider and can be adjusted to fit each individual. Each seat has its own table where the staff will bring pre-ordered movie snacks. The theater has a cloak area where Lounge customers can leave their belongings. Those with a Lounge ticket also get to enjoy free parking for longer. The Lounge theater’s first-class technology is provided by Barcon's laser projector and the Finnish, world-class Genelec sound system.

Stop for a drink at the FBAR bar!

Enjoy a glass of bubbly or cold beer along with your movie night. Finnkino Omena's FBAR is located on the second floor and serves customers on Fridays from 17 to 21 and on Saturdays from 16 to 21 (times subject to change). Welcome to enjoy a drink and the movie atmosphere before or after the show!


Customers of Iso Omena can park their car for free in the parking hall for the first two hours. After that, parking is costs (1€ / h). With the Iso Omena app, you can 2 extra hours of free parking. The entrance for the Iso Omena’s parking hall is open everyday until 24:00 while driving out is possible at anytime. You can get straight to Finnkino Omena from the parking hall with an elevator.


Want to organize an event or have a conference at Finnkino Omena? Contact our Business Sales Team and find out more!


Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo