Maxim, Finland's oldest cinema, reopened on Helsinki's Kluuvikatu in February 2018. The traditional art house cinema has been completely renovated with respect to old traditions and architecture. The 20th century art house spirit is visible both in the movie selection and in cinema design.

There are a total of 249 seats in the two redesigned cinema auditoriums. Both auditoriums have comfortable lounge chairs with small tables. Maxim is fully a premium movie theater. This means that there is an extra charge for movies when paying with vouchers. 

Maximi's food and drink service

The movie experience can be complemented with tapas containing a variety of delicious tastes made from high quality raw materials. The Fazer Cafe, which has been operating next to the cinema since 1891, is responsible for designing and manufacturing Maxim's dishes. With small edible dishes, it is possible to enjoy a glass of wine or beer while watching a movie too!

Please note! You cannot bring your own snacks into the cinema auditorium. 

Background information about Maxim

At the location of Maxim at Kluuvikatu, there has been a cinema since 1909, and therefore Maxim is the oldest cinema in Finland. The original magnificent cinema, designed by architect David Frölander-Ulf, was called originally Olympic. Later the name changed to Piccadilly and since the 1930's the cinema has been operating under the name of Maxim. In the original auditorium there were approximately 450 seats. In the early 1970's the building had reached such poor condition that the it was replaced by a new cinema with two screens in 1974. The cinema technology and air-conditioning systems were top-notch of the 1970's. The smaller auditorium, Maxim 2, has kept the original decor with the gilded reliefs and crystal lamps being preserved. Maxim 1 represented 1970's modern styles.



Kluuvikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki