Finnkino Fantasia


Fantasia Finnkino is a cinema located in Jyväskylä. It was Finland's first multiplex cinema when it opened in 1993. The cinema is located in the shopping mall Jyväskeskus and the railway and bus stations are about 300 meters away.

Fantasia's box office is located on the first floor of Jyväskeskus. The cinema auditoriums, snack shop and office are located on the third floor. Jyväskeskus has a plenty of other leisure facilities such as Rosso Restaurant, Cafe-bakery Elonen, Arnold's Donuts, McDonald's and a game center.


There is a parking hall in Jyväskeskus on the bottom floor. You can enter the parking hall by driving through Yliopistokatu and to Asemakatu. There are around 200 parking spaces. 
The parking hall opening hours: on weekdays and Saturday 07-22 and on Sunday 12-22.


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Kauppakatu 29-31, 40100 Jyväskylä