Finnkino Newbies

Grab the little ones and head for the movies!

Finnkino Newbies is a baby friendly show for parents and caretakers of babies. All of the Newbies movies have the age limit S (children allowed), according to the Finnish law on age limits.

Good to know

  • For the duration of the Newbies show, there is a special “parking lot” for strollers and carriages in the theater lobby. (For safety reasons, strollers and carriages cannot be taken into the auditorium.)
  • You can take a portable bassinet or a child safety seat to the auditorium for your baby to sleep in during the movie.
  • A nursing table and a microwave oven for warming up baby food and milk are available in the auditorium.
  • The Newbies movie is always screened with the lights dimmed halfway and with the volume turned down a bit.
  • In the auditorium, you can hold your baby, move around, or even step out for a while.
  • For each seat purchased, you get another seat for your baby and your belongings. That is why not all of the seats are for sale. The seats in these shows are not numbered, so you can choose your seat freely in the auditorium.
  • The event might include product samples and offers from our partners, as well as raffles and other pleasant surprises.

There are separate shows for family and children’s movies, as well as Kids’ Sunday, for example. We try to arrange Finnkino Newbies screenings as soon as we get suitable movies in our program, so multiple times a year.

Finnkino arranges the Newbies screenings in collaboration with KidsConcept.