Premium auditoriums

Enjoy the luxurious features of the Finnkino special auditoriums!


Finnkino IMAX

IMAX® (Itis)

Finnkino opened a new, modern IMAX® movie theater in Itis. The new generation 4K laser projector technology produces a crystal clear picture. This new optical system delivers better resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast and wider color schemes. Combined with IMAX® Geometric Digital 12-Channel Audio, it creates a real movie experience and atmosphere for movie fans as they would be in the movie itself.

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Tennispalatsi ISENSE Premium


A comprehensive movie experience developed by the Odeon Cinemas Group. iSense is a premium auditorium that offers moviegoers the latest technology and a superior movie experience. iSense auditoriums are located at Tennispalatsi in Helsinki, Omena in Espoo, Plevna in Tampere and Kinopalatsi in Turku.

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Maxim sali


Maxim, Finland's oldest cinema, reopened on Helsinki's Kluuvikatu in February 2018. The traditional art house cinema has been completely renovated with respect to old traditions and architecture. The 20th century art house spirit is visible both in the movie selection and in cinema design.

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Finnkino Luxe-sali


In addition to the IMAX® auditorium, two new LUXE auditoriums were also opened at Finnkino Itis. In these premium auditoriums, the comfort of the seats has been further improved. It is possible to enjoy food and drinks from Oscar's Bar during a screening at LUXE.

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Omena Lounge Premium


Everyday luxury. The luxurious and intimate Lounge auditorium, which contains gorgeous, wide leather seats, takes watching a movie to a completely new level. The auditorium’s modern sound system is provided by the Finnish company Genelec. You can enjoy the exclusive viewing experience offered by a Lounge premium auditorium at Finnkino Omena.

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Sello VIP Premium

Sello VIP

A night at the movies with all the bells and whistles. The specialty of Finnkino Sello in Espoo is the luxurious VIP premium auditorium with 32 large seats. 

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Note. Premium auditorium movie tickets include an extra fee when paying with normal movie vouchers:
IMAX + 4 €, iSense / Luxe + 3 €, Lounge + 6 €, Maxim / VIP + 2 €.

Premium Vouchers

The Premium Vouchers are available as a form of payment without any extra fees for all movie screenings in the Premium auditoriums.

4 tickets 59,00 € (à 14,75€, valid for 6 months from the date of purchase)
8 tickets 99,60 € (à 12,45€, valid for 8 months from the date of purchase)

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