Buy vouchers with your culture benefit!

You can buy Finnkino culture benefit vouchers in our webshop with ePassi, Edenred, Smartum and Eazybreak. Also other culture benefit payment methods are accepted in our cinemas.

Please note, that the culture benefit vouchers are separate from our normal voucher products. They are meant for personal use only, which is why each voucher will have your name printed on it. You can use culture benefit vouchers only for your own movie tickets.


Pay with ePassi, Edenred or Smartum

On our culture benefit voucher sales page you can use ePassi, Edenred or Smartum as your payment method.

Buy culture benefit vouchers

Printable vouchers will be delivered to the email address that you have saved in your customer account.

Pay with Eazybreak

You can pay for a voucher package with the  Eazybreak culture benefit. 

These culture benefit payment methods are not yet available in our webshop, but they can be used for voucher payments through our order form.

Order culture benefit vouchers

After verifying the payment we will send the culture benefit vouchers as a PDF file within 3-6 days to the email address submitted on the form.