At this time is it not possible to have birthday party at a cinema
We will inform you about upcoming movie birthday shows later.

A birthday party package contains the following:

  • A movie* that is shown at a cinema at the time specified below
  • A selected movie snack package**
  • A birthday wish along with a photo of the birthday boy or girl on the screen
  • An assigned space with birthday-themed decorations for the party guests before the movie
  • Birthday celebrations for 30 minutes before the movie starts (longer time can be negotiated depending on the cinema)
  • VIP lanyards for all participants
  • A memento of the movie birthday party for the birthday girl or boy
  • An invitation template for the movie birthday party (which can be printed through a link)

*Please note that the age limit of the selected movie applies to all participants at the birthday show. (The age limit is added to the movie’s details as soon as the movie has been officially rated.)

**Select one of the two following snack packages for your birthday party:

  • Small movie snack package = a small juice carton + a small batch of popcorn + 200 grams of candy per person
  • Large movie snack package = 0.5l beverage in a bottle + a large batch of popcorn + 300 grams of candy per person

Note! Unfortunately, only snacks purchased at the cinema can be served to birthday party guests. We do not allow outside food or beverages at the cinema.

19.50 € / person (includes the birthday movie and small movie snacks)
22.00 € / person (includes the birthday movie and large movie snacks)

Please note that these movies are almost always dubbed in Finnish!