NV20: Phil Tippett: Mad Dreams and Monsters

1 h 20 min  |  Documentary, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 12

”Chances are you’ve seen the work of stop-motion legend Phil Tippett. Phil Tippett - Mad Dreams and Monsters doesn’t explore the man behind the creatures so much as it takes us through the history of his career. Starting off back in the late seventies with films like The Crater Lake Monster and Star Wars: A New Hope, we learn about his inspirations in the beginning and how he helped pioneer an industry that hadn’t quite fleshed itself out in Hollywood yet. --- The doc’s got a tight runtime of about eighty minutes and has a laser focus on its intent. The subject matter might be presented without a lot of frills, but how much frill is really needed when you’re looking at the career of a man who gave us so many iconic creatures throughout our lives?” - Amelia Emberwing / Birth. Movies. Death.

”Packed with details, anecdotes and enough figurines to please technicians and Comic Con buffs alike” - Jordan Mintzer / The Hollywood Reporter

”An ode to practical effects and old-school stop-motion animation” - Marisa Mirabal / SlashFilm

Directed by Gilles Penso, Alexandre Poncet / Featuring Phil Tippett, Joe Dante, Jon Davison, Dennis Muren, Paul Verhoeven

France 2019


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