NV20: For the Sake of Vicious

1 h 20 min  |  Action, Thriller, Horror, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 18

"An incredibly entertaining slice of home invasion action/horror. --- Addictive in its style, confidence, and gloriously abundant violence. It’s a blood-covered, carnage-filled, Halloween-set treat interested less in the why of things than in the whoa. The film looks and sounds fantastic too thanks to stellar work from cinematographer Alex Tong and composers [Gabriel] Carrer and Foxgrndr who deliver a pulsing synth score giving a beat to the beatdowns." - Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

"High on action and once it gets going, is a totally manic, visceral ride" - Martin Unsworth, Starburst Magazine

"Carrer and Eveneshen's world may be cruel, but it's not exploitative. It's dismal, but never tedious. It's violent, but not soulless. It's our world, like it or not." - Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

"There are few action thrillers out there with this kind of unrelenting power." - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

Directed by Gabriel Carrer, Reese Eveneshen / Cast: Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, Dorian Allen, Colin Paradine

Canada 2020


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Kinopalatsi, Helsinki


Kinopalatsi, Helsinki, sali 10

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