NV20: Event Horizon

1 h 36 min  |  Thriller, Sci-fi, Horror, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 16

”As soon as the camera peers around the desolate spacecraft Event Horizon, circling Neptune's storm ravaged atmosphere in a decaying orbit, it's pretty obvious that director Paul Anderson spent his youth swotting up on all the right directors: Kubrick, Scott, Cameron, Hitchcock. --- Superbly styled in techno-Gothic space-grunge chic, this sci-fi/horror cross-breed is a directorial triumph of reference and homage. --- With preamble kept to a bare minimum, Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) and his crew of salvage and rescue grunts are whisked to deep space to find out where Event Horizon has been since it disappeared seven years previously. The ship was a secret government project - designed by passenger Neill - which could create its own black hole and zap across the universe in no time at all. Problem is, it went somewhere it shouldn't and has brought back an incumbent "evil force" from a place beyond our imagining --- Event doesn't just borrow from fine antecedents, it takes their future shock value to new heights, using genuinely original FX and creepy camerawork to great effect. And placing Fishburne at its heart is a fine move; the man oozes credibility, giving the potentially schlocky hellhouse nastiness an unnerving element of real fear.” - Ian Nathan / Empire Magazine

"With great performances, tight pacing, impressive visuals and some fantastic set design, Event Horizon is still an immensely fun haunted house ride." - Graeme Robertson / Flickering Myth

"This is never dull. The movie avoids Alien space monster clichés brilliantly" - Nigel Kendall / Time Out

"[Paul W.S. Anderson] tosses in a solid heap of The Haunting ('63), Solaris ('72), Alien ('79), The Shining ('80), H.P. Lovecraft, and a primo Hammer-ready villainous freak out from the one and only Sam Neill." - Jacob Knight / Birth. Movies. Death.

"The Thing and Alien get revisited, and there are nods to terrestrial horrors like Don't Look Now" - Matthew Sweet / Independent on Sunday

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson / Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson, Richard T. Jones, Jack Noseworthy, Jason Isaacs, Sean Pertwee

UK / USA 1997


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