NV20: Dial Code Santa Claus

1 h 27 min  |  Thriller, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 16

"Alain Lalanne stars as the mullet-wearing Thomas de Frémont, a young boy left home (with his half-blind, diabetic grandfather) on Christmas Eve by his mom. When a psychopath dressed as Santa Claus breaks into the house, it’s up to Thomas to protect the home, forced to live out his action hero fantasies and outwit the adult invader. --- If Christmas movies like Home Alone and Rare Exports are your cup of tea, I can almost promise you are going to love this one." - John Squires / Bloody Disgusting

"Exceptionally smart, funny and kinda fiendish too. It's a great family action movie for families who hate the holidays. --- Summing up: A gift that keeps on giving." - Peter Martin / Screen Anarchy

"This Père Nöel is as unstoppable as Jason Voorhees." - Richard Whittaker / The Austin Chronicle

"Combining the best of both ’80s horror and action cinema, it feels very much like an amalgamation of First Blood and Silent Night, Deadly Night." - Breanna Whipple / Nightmarish Conjurings

Directed by René Manzor / Cast: Alain Lalanne, Patrick Floersheim, Louis Ducreux, Brigitte Fossey, Francois-Eric Gendron

France 1989


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Kinopalatsi, Helsinki


Kinopalatsi, Helsinki, sali 7

Language: French | Subtitles: English

Catering 2D