NV20: Angel Heart

1 h 53 min  |  Thriller, Horror, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 16

"New York City, 1955. Private detective Harry Angel is hired by the mysterious Louis Cyphre to find singer Johnny Favorite who signed a contract with Cyphre but disappeared before Cyphre could foreclose. As he follows Favorite’s trail, Angel finds that every witness is being murdered after he talks to them. The trail leads Angel to New Orleans and into a mystery involving voodoo and the black arts. Finally, Angel discovers that Cyphre is none other than Lucifer. Favorite had signed a contract for his soul with Cyphre but attempted to use the black arts to avoid Cyphre claiming his soul by transferring it into another body. In this haunting modern film noir reworking, the Humphrey Bogart-styled gumshoe detective story and the old diabolical pact story make fascinating bedfellows. Angel Heart may be the most haunting of all modern film noir quotings – the film is all fans twirling in the breeze, elevators arriving in chiaroscuros of light from behind barred doors, crummy apartments and washed-out Coney Island and Louisiana landscapes. Angel Heart was one of the most dazzlingly photographed films of its entire decade." - Richard Scheib / Moria - The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review

"Since its original release 30 years ago Angel Heart has found a loyal cult following, and it’s not hard to see why – it is hard not to be drawn to a film that places the devil and the detective in such close proximity. --- Angel Heart manages to take many of the well-worn tropes of film noir and imbue them with the concentric horror of Dante’s Inferno. It seemed implausible in 1987, and perhaps even more so now, that such a genre mash-up could be so grimly spellbinding. Harry Angel’s dark journey through the past evils of man is a case ready to be picked up again. A word of caution though: you may well return from it a different person altogether." - William Carroll / Little White Lies

”Angel Heart is a thriller and a horror movie, but most of all it's an exuberant exercise in style, in which Parker and his actors have fun taking it to the limit” - Roger Ebert / Chicago Sun-Times

"A diabolical treat with Rourke and De Niro in fine form." - Ian Nathan / Empire Magazine

Directed by Alan Parker / Cast: Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Stocker Fontelieu

UK / Canada / USA 1987


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