NV20: Abyssal Spider

1 h 47 min  |  Thriller, Horror, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 3.3.2021

Rating: 16

"Slickly-produced thriller featuring killer marine spiders on a ship --- Director Joe Chien first made his mark with the intentionally trashy horror movie Zombie 108. Released in 2012, it is considered Taiwan's earliest zombie flick. Chien has since moved away from that style, helming in 2018 The House That Never Dies: Reawakening, the follow-up to China’s most successful mainstream horror production. --- Featuring violent scheming factions on a creepy fishing ship that is stuck in radioactive waters infested with giant crab-spiders (and a beautiful woman who appears out of nowhere), Abyssal Spider has the right elements for a so-bad-it’s-good B-movie bonanza. --- Objectively speaking, the film is a decent effort at a monster-disaster thriller, slickly produced with a star-studded cast" - Han Cheung / Taipei Times

Directed by Joe Chien / Cast: Sunny Wang, Lee Lee Ren, Andrew Lin, Cheng Jen Shuo, Alice Ko, Lu Kong Wei, Aggie Hsieh, Su ChenYu, Lee Kang Sheng

Taiwan 2020


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Language: Mandarin | Subtitles: English

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