Risto Räppääjä ja väärä Vincent

1 h 26 min  |  Family, Domestic  |  Release Date: 9.10.2020

Serena Rapper receives a remarkable prophecy that there is a reborn genius in her family. After finding Ricky's drawing, she is sure Ricky is the reborn Vincent van Gogh, as Ricky uses colors wildly and has red hair. Aunt Fran is also excited about the idea, in the hope of success. Serena decides to show Ricky's drawing to the director of the art museum, who unexpectedly offers to take Ricky to her home to study drawing. But when Ricky doesn't return from the house of the director of the museum, Nelly and Lennart's doubts arise. At the same time, a strange coincidence emerges; a sketch of van Gogh's painting is found in Finland! An exciting series of events kicks off and takes Ricky, Nelly and Lennart to a villa, hosted by a mysterious couple. But why are Serena and Aunt Fran suspected to be art counterfeiters? Fortunately, the janitor of the museum, Herkules Poironen is an avid amateur detective and helps Ricky and Nelly to solve the riddle.


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