Anerca - Breath of Life

Anerca - elämän hengitys

1 h 26 min  |  Documentary, Domestic  |  Release Date: 28.8.2020

This film depicts the indigenous cultures living along the Arctic Circle, inside the borders of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland (Denmark), Canada, Alaska (U.S.) and Russia. These cultures did not draw these borders. Rights have been violated. Their ancestral lifestyles have for the most part been suppressed, but what hasn't been destroyed – at least not yet – is their inner world view.

Anerca is a film about the breath of the indigenous peoples in the Arctic Region. There are two kinds of breath; the kind that sustains life and the kind that expresses existence.

In the Inuktitut language, the word for "to create poetry" is the same as the word for "to breathe". These words are derived from anerca. Anerca means the soul, the breath of life.

As a person, community or people breathes the joy or pain of their existence, this reveals something either detached from or ingrained in everyday life and, crucially to the one who breathes, it is the breath of life. In Anerca, the Arctic peoples are breathing.


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