NV19: The Painted Bird

2 h 49 min  |  Drama, Thriller, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 20.11.2019

Rating: 18

"Gruelling but brilliant --- A mesmerising travelogue film by Czech director Václav Marhoul, based on the famous 1965 novel by Jerzy Kosiński, which tells of a young Jewish boy and his horrific life in the wilds of eastern Europe during World War Two. --- It’s tough to amply describe the film’s relentlessly brutal pleasures, but those who have seen films like Andrei Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood, Robert Bresson's Mouchette or Elem Klimov's Come and See (whose star, Aleksei Kravchenko, crops up here) might have an idea of the grim terrain we’re on here. Like those great works, it’s an episodic tale of a holy innocent who drifts through life and becomes the focus of all the world’s ills." - David Jenkins / Little White Lies

Directed by: Václav Marhoul; Cast: Petr Kotlár, Harvey Keitel, Julian Sands, Udo Kier, Barry Pepper, Stellan Skarsgård

Czech Republic / Slovakia / Ukraine 2019

Language: Czech, German, Russian, subtitles in English


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