NV19: The Art of Self-Defense

1 h 44 min  |  Comedy, Thriller, Night Visions  |  Release Date: 20.11.2019

Rating: 16

"Riley Stearns' sophomore film is a precise and droll comedy of manners, martial arts, and toxic masculinity. --- The Art of Self-Defense is story of a timid man-child (Jesse Eisenberg) who, after being brutally beaten by street thugs when out to buy dog food one evening, joins a karate dojo to, in the words of the hyper-masculine Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), 'become what you fear.' Casey no longer intends to be a tourist in his own life. --- Eisenberg brings all of his awkward intensity to bear here and distills it into a quite specific and fussy comedic performance. --- There are subtle nods to Alex Cox's Repo Man. --- There is never a dull moment in the film --- Like Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg, and Quentin Dupieux, Stearns knows how to deliver a comedic punchline visually. He can even punch with his feet. - Kurt Halfyard / Screen Anarchy

Directed by: Riley Stearns; Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola, Imogen Poots, Steve Terada, David Zellner, Phillip Bottello, Jason Burkey

USA 2019

Language: English, no subtitles


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