Season 17: Christine

1 h 59 min  |  Drama, Biography  |  Release Date: 30.3.2017

This elegant, achingly sad study of debilitating depression is by no means a conventional piece of film-making. Deftly sidestepping any of the obvious narrative choices, this film confirms Campos (Afterschool, Simon Killer) as one of the most intelligent and consistently surprising film-makers working in US indie cinema. (…) Playing the troubled Christine, Rebecca Hall is extraordinary. Her voice is low, but there’s a hard, abrasive edge to it that sounds like an attack, even when it isn’t.

Wendy Ide / The Observer

This is a thrumming, heartsore, sometimes viciously funny character study, sensitive both to the singularities of Chubbuck’s psychological collapse and the indignities weathered by any woman in a 1970s newsroom. Invigorated by a top-drawer ensemble, with Rebecca Hall discomfitingly electric in the best role she’s yet been offered, this should easily become Campos’ most widely distributed work to date.

Guy Lodge / Variety

Antonio Campos: Christine. UK / USA 2016. Käsikirjoitus/Script: Craig Shilowich * Kuvaus/DOP: Joe Anderson * Leikkaus/Editor: Sofia Subercaseaux * Pääosissa/Cast: Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts * Kieli/Language: English


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