Season 17: A United Kingdom

1 h 51 min  |  Drama, Romance, Biography  |  Release Date: 30.3.2017

It’s familiar territory for Asante — her Belle also used a personal, and true story to shine a light on issues of racism, sexism and colonialism in satisfying fashion — and one she delivers with ease. Oyelowo and Pike are well-matched as the Khamas, able to convey both the early passions of their romance and the harder years with believable and rich emotion. Oyelowo’s Seretse, who is unwavering in his affection for his country and his desire to serve it, continually grows as a leader while Pike’s previously non-political Ruth blossoms into an ardent speaker and defender of both her husband and her adopted country.

(…) Bolstered by real events and true emotion, A United Kingdom opts for genuine, hard-won feeling, and the film studiously backs off from cheesy moments or over-the-top revelations. The result is a satisfying look at a romance that stayed strong in the face of great adversity, changing forever not just its dedicated lovers, but an entire country willing to move forward in service to great love and, perhaps more importantly, great respect.

Kate Erbland / IndieWire

Its true-life tale of unity in the face of cultural apartheid and political expediency remains as relevant as ever in these divided times, but it is Asante’s talent for making the personal political – and vice versa – that is the real story here. Her position as one of the UKs most accessibly agitating film-makers is confirmed.

Mark Kermode / The Guardian

Amma Asante: A United Kingdom. USA / UK / Czech Republic 2016. Käsikirjoitus/Script: Guy Hibbert * Kuvaus/DOP: Sam McCurdy * Leikkaus/Editor: Jonathan Amos, Jon Gregory * Pääosissa/Cast: David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Jack Davenport, Tom Felton * Kieli/Language: English, subtitles in Finnish & Swedish


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