R&A 16: Wiener Dog

1 h 28 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 16.9.2016

Like all of Todd Solondz’s movies, Wiener-Dog is a black comedy with the comedy removed (...).

Julie Delpy and Tracy Letts play Dina and Danny, an uptight, unhappy couple whose young son Remi (Keaton Nigel Cooke) is recovering from cancer. Remi gets the dog as a present to cheer him up. In the next story, Dawn (Greta Gerwig), a veterinarian’s assistant, hopes the dachshund is the means by which she might be able to melt the heart of Brandon (Kieran Culkin) whom she knew in grade school as a notorious bully. Then Danny DeVito plays (...) a pathetic has-been screenwriter (...). Finally, Ellen Burstyn plays Nana, an ageing, blind, embittered woman visited by her grand- daughter Zoe (...).

We see how the dachshund is a child substitute, or an adult substitute, or a love substitute. Or, in the case of the second story – which (...) almost suggests that Solondz is feeling good about himself and the world – it is the means by which love might be achieved.


Language: English / Subtitles: Swedish


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