R&A 16: Miles Ahead

1 h 40 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 16.9.2016

»If you’re going to tell a story, come with some attitude,» jazz legend Miles Davis (Don Cheadle) whispers in his hoarse voice to feckless Scottish music journalist Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) in Miles Ahead. This is the reverse of the usual tidy, cradle to grave biopic. It’s a deliberately messy and open-ended film with a glorious performance from Cheadle, who also directed and co-wrote.

As first encountered here in the 1970s, Miles Davis is a wreck (...). He hasn’t recorded for five years; is taking far too many drugs and is paranoid and obnoxious (...). McGregor’s Dave, a fictional character, is shady and opportunistic – and that’s why Miles eventually (...) grants him the interview he is so desperate for.

A blast of the trumpet whisks us back to the 1950s, when Davis was working with legendary producer Gil Evans. We learn of his courtship of the beautiful dancer Frances (Emayatzy Corinealdi) (...) the most precious person in his life.

Between flashbacks, the film is an essay in chaos. Davis’s behaviour is monstrous but Cheadle plays him with such charisma that he seems perversely sympathetic anyway.


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