R&A 16: Mia Madre

1 h 46 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 16.9.2016

Italian tragicomic auteur Nanni Moretti (...) focuses on the impending loss of a mother, drawing heavily upon personal experience. The beautifully observed and delicately balanced result is a sublimely modulated blend of laughter and tears.

At the heart of Mia Madre is a trio of women: Livia (Bea- trice Mancini), a teenager who has dealt with heartache unnoticed by her mother; Ada (Giulia Lazzarini), a grandmother hospitalised by an illness which is inexorably undermining her physical and mental strength; and Margherita, a filmmaker overwhelmed by personal and professional pressures, brilliantly played by Margherita Buy (...). While the core subject matter may be painfully close to home (...), there are belly laughs to be had, thanks largely to John Turturro in a spectacularly self-deprecating turn as fading American-Italian screen star Barry Huggins. As for Margherita, her own shows of strength (...) fall apart as her mother’s health fails, her on-set judgment increasingly clouded by the more significant dramas playing out within her family.

(T)his is Moretti at his interpersonal best; intimate, empathetic and intensely humane.


Language: Italian, French, German / Subtitles: English


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