R&A 16: Café Society

1 h 36 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 16.9.2016

Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), a young Jewish man from the Bronx, flees his parents’ cramped apartment (...) and heads for Hollywood, in the hope that his uncle – (...) Phil Stern (Steve Carell), a big-time agent to the stars – can help him find a job and change his life.

Phil hires Bobby as a gofer; meanwhile, Bobby becomes acquainted with Phil’s Nebraska-born and college-educated assistant, Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) (...) and their friendship blossoms into love. Bobby proposes to marry Vonnie and bring her back East, but he fails in his effort and returns alone, heartbroken, to New York, where his brother, Ben (Corey Stoll), a gangster masking brutal dealings with a legitimate business, hires him to help run a night club, a venture in which Bobby thrives.

Like most of Allen’s later films, Café Society is sketch-like, seemingly scratched onto an icy surface that allows a clear view of the big philosophical fish swimming in the deep waters below.


Language: English / Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish


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