R&A 15: Last Days in the Desert

1 h 38 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 17.9.2015

A filmmaker known primarily for his perceptive melodramas about women, from Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her to Mother and Child, now turns his attention to a primal tale of fathers and sons — including the Son of Man himself — in Last Days in the Desert, a quietly captivating and remarkably beautiful account of Jesus’ time in the wilderness before the beginning of his ministry. Deliberately paced, sparely imagined and suffused with mystery, writer-director Rodrigo Garcia’s seventh feature is nonetheless quite lucid and accessible in its themes of empathy, compassion and sacrifice, and grounded by a Christ/Satan dual performance by Ewan McGregor (...).

(...) [T]he most astonishing technical achievement here, to no one’s surprise, is the crystalline beauty of the cinematography. Whether humanity is worth dying for may remain an open question for some, but these luminous images make as powerful an argument as any for seeing the world through God’s eyes.

-Justin Chang, Variety

Language: English / Subtitles: -


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