1 h 38 min  |  Comedy, Domestic  |  Release Date: 6.2.2015

Lovemilla is a comedy about love and romance, not a romantic comedy. It is a comedy about first love, moving in together, lack of self-confidence, robots and bodybuilding.

Aimo and Milla – finally a couple, are living together at Milla’s alcoholics-turned-into-zombies parents’ place. They dream about their first own home. They save money and with the profits from Aimo’s business, ”Saku’s Grill”, they make it. Due to his lack of self-confidence, Aimo wastes their savings to turbo-boost his muscles. As conventional body building is not quite satisfactory, Aimo tunes himself up into a robot. His heartache leads him to extreme measures as he also changes his heart into a metal one – one that doesn’t hurt. Milla decides to steal Aimo’s heart back — after all, man´s got to have a man´s heart.

Lovemilla is based on widely popular #lovemilla television series produced by Yle and It´s Alive Films.


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