Ei kiitos

1 h 37 min  |  Comedy, Domestic  |  Release Date: 10.1.2014

Heli Valkonen (42) is desperately in love with her husband Matti (43). But he almost never wants sex. He just plays computer games in his worn-out fleece pants. Giving a nice shoulder massage is the best form of intimacy for him.

When subtle hints, beautiful talk and tasty underwear don’t help Heli relies on more and more direct action – but in vain. “Honey, not now.” Calmly and humiliatingly Matti rejects his wife's sexual advances.

Heli meets a young producer named Jarno. Before long Heli and Jarno are having an affair. “We'll just go to bed. A couple of thrusts don't count. I have to cheat on my husband to win time for my marriage. Then I'll know what I want and what I don't want.”

Situation boils over when Heli realizes that she is falling in love with Jarno. She decides to confess all to Matti. Unfortunately everything doesn’t go according to Heli’s plans and Heli has to figure out her life again.


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