R&A 13: The Look of Love

1 h 41 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 20.9.2013

It is often said that Steve Coogan cannot escape from the shadow of his most celebrated comic creation, Alan Partridge. Some DNA from both of them has leaked into The Look of Love, with his portrayal of Paul Raymond, the late porn and property baron dubbed The King of Soho.

And as a mixture for Raymond, it works rather well: the combination of sleaze and gentility, self-promotion, bad hair and calculated hedonism, all underwritten by a kind of melancholy. (...) Raymond’s rise was a curiously British story, a drizzle-soaked, screwed-up journey from seaside-postcard sauce to lucrative sourness. The film (...) is as much a love letter to the shifting look and feel of raffish, racy Soho as a history of Raymond’s personal life and porn empire.

At the sorrowful core of the film is his relationship with his daughter Debbie (Imogen Poots), whom he adored, spoilt and groomed to take over his business empire (...). Coogan plays Raymond with the bemused air of a man surprised by the onset of a perpetual ache in the heart, an organ he always considered of secondary interest.

Jenny McCartney, The Telegraph


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