Kerron sinulle kaiken

1 h 35 min  |  Drama, Domestic  |  Release Date: 8.3.2013

At first glance Maarit looks like any other woman in her early forties. There is, however, something strange under the surface. She radiates sexual energy that is hard to define.

In the first scene we see Maarit in her therapist´s office. The therapist tells Maarit their sessions have come to an end and it´s time to find herself a man.

Maarit works as a cleaner. The next day she ends up cleaning the office of a psychoanalyst. Maarit is cleaning the office when the psychoanalyst suddenly has to leave. Her father is seriously ill. Maarit is left alone in the office. The doorbell rings. Sami, a married man in his late thirties, is standing at the door. He needs help. His and his wife Julia´s marriage is in a crisis. Something clicks in Maarit and she pretends to be a therapist. She wants to help Sami because he seems desperate. And because Sami is extremely attractive and nice.

The first therapy session goes very well. When Sami is leaving, Maarit feels courageous enough to confess her secret: she´s a transgender woman. She used to be a man. Sami is stupefied. He finds it hard to believe. Nevertheless, Sami decides to continue therapy. It´s so easy to be with Maarit and talk to her.

The therapy continues. Soon Sami and Maarit realize they´ve fallen in love with each other. A secret affair develops. It, however, affects Sami and his wife Julia´s relationship. But how far is Sami ready to go? And how far will Maarit let Sami go? Does Maarit want to be a well-behaved secret, or is she finally ready to take her place in life? Shouldn´t she have the same rights as everybody else? The right to love. The right to hate. The right to make mistakes and find happiness.


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