Artisokka 12: Mildred Pierce osa 2

2 h 30 min  |  -  |  Release Date: 30.3.2012

Where to begin appreciating this great work? Kate Winslet’s performance in the title role is terrific – intelligent, focused and seemingly devoid of ego.

There are no villains in this series, only deeply flawed people, and you react to them as you might react to valued people in your own life, alternating exasperation with affection.

Haynes doesn’t cheat by giving Mildred or any of the other characters a falsely modern, self-aware consciousness. There are no characters meant to stand in for a 21st century, therapeutic mind-set; these people are who they are, and the era is what it is, and you simply have to meet it on its own terms. That’s the real triumph of Mildred Pierce – its ability to recognize the truth of what human beings are, and have been, and present that truth without compromise.

Matt Zoller Setiz /

The series will be shown in two screenings.


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