Artisokka 12: Humiseva Harju

2 h 9 min  |  -  |  Release Date: 30.3.2012

Arnold is fond of presenting characters on the edge of society and was naturally drawn to Heathcliff, the ultimate outsider. The film begins and ends with him, desperate in his grief and anger, and we see events through his eyes.

Andrea Arnold has done well to shift the emphasis from a love story to a dark tale of hatred, cruelty and revenge. Wuthering Heights is both shelter and prison, a prison which creaks in the night, where fragments of conversation are overheard and where people are glimpsed through cracks; sometimes only parts of people. From this, the young Heathcliff has to make sense of the world.

This is an impressive treatment which, though it may confound some expectations, manages to stay true to the spirit of the original book while delivering a very contemporary message.

Val Kermode / Eye For Film

Andrea Arnold: Humiseva harju / Wuthering Heights. UK 2011. Atlantic Film.

Tuotanto/Production: Robert Bernstein, Douglas Rae, Kevin Loader * Käsikirjoitus/Script: Andrea Arnold, Olivia Hetreed, based on the novel by Emily Brontë * Kuvaus/DOP: Robbie Ryan (BSC) * Leikkaus/Editor: Nicolas Chaudeurge * Pääosissa/Cast: Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Oliver Milburn * Kopion lähde/DCP source: Atlantic Film * Kieli/Language: English * Kesto/Duration: 129 min


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