1 h 52 min  |  Drama, Domestic  |  Release Date: 9.12.2011

The Second World War, frontier between Finland and Russia. There is an evacuation center for the fallen right behind the frontier line. Dead soldiers are gathered there to be sent back home. A group of four men and three women are running the center.

Silence is the story of Eino, the dim-witted son of a washer of dead bodies. Eino joins the war his simple soul full of heroic ideals. Life in the small community turns out to be more complicated than the war itself.

Several interesting characters spice up the staff of the evacuation center. There is chaplain Hiltunen, crazy about his numbers and charts; Korpikangas, a former medical student straight from the mental institution; Miina, an old cupper woman; and two young Lottas, Jaana with a hard shell and Siiri with an open heart.

The most important one to Eino, however, is his lifelong friend Antti, to whom his jäger father has arranged an innocuous job at the center. Antti is a charming bum who makes Eino do all his work and himself concentrates on wooing the young Lottas and trading illegally across the frontier line.


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