R&A 11: Tyrannosaur

1 h 31 min  |  Love&Anarchy  |  Release Date: 15.9.2011

Paddy Considine makes a powerful and intense directorial debut with Tyrannosaur, the hard and at times harrowing – though ultimately redemptive – story of a self-destructive man and his relationship with a charity-shop worker. The bleak story and strong language may appear a handicap, but the film is a thoughtful, uncompromising and at times moving debut driven by quite outstanding performances by Peter Mullan [Joseph] and Olivia Colman [Hannah].

-Mark Adams, Screen International

The two form an instant bond, though at first it ebbs and flows. Considine anchors the relationship with a gentleness and quiet humour that trickles on to the screen in between Tyrannosaur's more dramatic swells. The pair aren't so much treading water as swimming against the tide that threatens to engulf them. Hannah's husband (an excellent Eddie Marsan), Joseph's self-destructive ways, a dying friend and a volatile dog-owning neighbour all feed into the gathering storm.

-Jeremy Kay, The Guardian


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