R&A 09: Metropia

1 h 20 min  |  -  |  Release Date: 20.9.2009

Tarik Saleh’s absolutely stunning futuristic Swedish film, ”Metropia”, creates such believable characters that you’ll start to question just how real it is. ... Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis have signed on as the lead voice actors for the English-language version, which is like throwing gasoline on an already amazing independent film fire.


”Metropia” is about the cultural revolution of our time; surveillance, voyerism and paranoia. Metropia is not just a film – it’s a state of mind, a way of looking at reality through a new lens. We are creating a new point of reference. ... We have created a new aesthetic style and a new animation technique for this film. However my main objective has always been to tell the story of Roger, the protagonist of ”Metropia” – I believe his story holds a strong message: If there is no freedom inside your head – there is none elsewhere.



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