The Reef (dub)

Shark Bait (dub)

1 h 18 min  |  Animation  |  Release Date: 21.9.2007

After losing everything, a young fish, Pi, goes to live with his family on the Reef. There he meets the love of his life but finds that she already has the unwanted affections of a bully shark. He must follow his destiny to save her and rid the Reef of this menace for good.

Directed by: Howard E. Baker, John Fox

Cast (Finnish voices): Max Ovaska, Sanna Majuri, Joonas Saartamo, Antti Jaakola, Ella Pyhältö, Mika Ala-Panula, Jukka Voutilainen, Rinna Paatso, Aku Laitinen, Akira Takaki, Henri Piispanen, Sari Ann Moilanen, Samuel Harjanne, Pekka Laiho, Rauno Ahonen, Antti Pääkkönen, Petri Hanttu


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