Web purchase error


Did not receive your tickets, but the payment was charged?

Sometimes the online purchase may fail. This can typically be due to overrunning the time reserved for making the payment (15 min), or losing the connection before browser returns from web bank to Finnkino's web service.

Check first!

If the purchase confirmation page will not open after payment, check My Page and/or your email – the purchase and tickets might still have come through.

If you can't find the tickets...

If your purchase is not visible on your "My Page" and can not be found in your emails, there has unfortunately been an error. We will return the sum that was falsely charged on your bank account or credit card as soon as possible, normally within a week.

  • Fill in the form below. Information will be sent to Finnkino Customer Service.
  • Buy new tickets.

You can also send an email to our customer service: asiakaspalvelu@finnkino.fi.

Buyer's own error: tickets bought to a wrong show

If you have selected the wrong show by mistake and bought a ticket to it, you can either cancel the purchase or exchange the ticket to another show at a Finnkino box office before the start of the (wrong) show.

The cancellation cannot be made afterwards, which means that Finnkino cannot replace any unused tickets with new tickets.

Please note: Tickets bought succesfully, but to a wrong show cannot be changed or refunded through sending out this form.

Web purchase error

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