Finnkino Kids Sunday

Popular Kids Sunday event gathers kids and parents to Finnkino cinemas quite regularly about every two months. The happening is scheduled on Sunday morning and early afternoon. Tickets to Kids Sunday theme shows (starting before 16.00) cost only 7,50 € to normal shows and 9,50 € to 3D-shows, for children and adults alike. (NB. There is a 2,50 € surcharge on the SCAPE prices, both 2D and 3D.)

On Kids Sunday there are usually previews of some upcoming family/children's film, and older films suitable for children are also on schedule.

Tickets to all Kids Sunday shows are available from the previous Tuesday afternoon (3pm).

We have Kids Sunday event in these cinemas:

  • Helsinki: Tennispalatsi & Kinopalatsi
  • Espoo: Omena & Sello
  • Vantaa: Flamingo
  • Tampere: Plevna & Cine Atlas
  • Turku: Kinopalatsi
  • Jyväskylä: Fantasia
  • Kuopio: Scala
  • Lahti: Kuvapalatsi
  • Lappeenranta: Strand
  • Oulu: Plaza
  • Pori: Promenadi

More info on Kids Sunday events is available on the Finnish web page.

Kids Sunday parking offer

On Kids' Sunday Finnkino's customers get 2 h free parking time in all EuroParks in Helsinki. Ask for the parking allowance slip at our ticket counter!