XpanD 3D technology


XpanD 3D solution, the world's leading digital 3D technology. 3D effect is achieved by specific active glasses which together with a digital cinema projector and 3D movie create a three dimensional and dynamic impression.


3D glasses in cinema

You will receive your 3D glasses at the cinema auditorium before the 3D screening starts.

After the show, we kindly ask you to give the glasses back to the staff. 3D glasses can only be used in cinema auditoriums equipped with 3D technology - the glasses are useless outside the cinema or at home!

If your 3D glasses are not working properly, contact the cinema personnel who will exchange your glasses for a new pair.

3D glasses can be worn on optical glasses.

If you have symptoms of migraine or epilepsy, we don't recommend 3D screenings. Anyone with these symptoms should consult a doctor before using 3D glasses.