Online Store | Errors in Online Purchases 

The purchase failed but the payment has been charged

Sometimes, unfortunately, an online ticket purchase may fail. The error occurs when when the payment system does not receive a confirmation of the payment made through the online banking in the required time or the connection is lost. 

If you receive an error message or the purchase confirmation page does not open after the tickets have been paid for, please check on your "My Page" to see if the purchase was successful. The details of a successful movie ticket payment are visible in your "My Page My Tickets" section ( My Tickets). When purchasing printable movie ticket or snack vouchers, a confirmation message containing the tickets as a pdf attachment will be sent to your email adress. 

If you cannot see your purchase on your "My Page" and you did not receive a confirmation email, the payment unfortunately failed. In this case, make the purchase again. We will refund all the costs for the failed purchase to your bank account as soon as possible so aproxx. within a week. 

Proceed as follows to get a refund:

 Web Purchase Error Form 

Buyer's Mistake: Tickets Bought for the Wrong Movie 

If you have accidentally bought movie tickets for the wrong movie, you can fix this as follows:

Cancel and change the tickets as Finnkino's cinema cashier before the start of the movie you have the tickets for. 

You cannot cancel the tickets after the movie meaning Finnkino will not replace unused tickets with new tickets. 


Cancelling or changing purchased tickets cannot be processed via the Web Purchase Error form.