Vouchers| Paying with Paper Vouchers

You can use paper vouchers to pay for movie tickets online!


When paying for tickets through the online store, straight after selecting your seats, there is a field where you can type your ticket voucher number (in the photo above, the orange arrow is pointing at the field). 

After entering the number in the field, click on the arrow next to it. 

If you are paying for all your movie tickets with vouchers, type the voucher number seperately for each ticket and confirm the purchase at the end. If the vouchers cover only a part of the entire sum, pay for the difference through the online bank. 

Other Remarks 

When a voucher is used to pay for a movie ticket, the price of the movie ticket will be updated to the euro value of one voucher. 


Errors when using vouchers 

  • First check and make sure you have typed the voucher number correctly, exactly in the form as on the voucher. Please note that the final character on the voucher can be either a number, a capital letter, a small letter or a special character!
  • Make sure you have no added any empty spaces or extra characters to the end of the voucher number.
  • The last character in the voucher number may be a number, a capital letter, a small letter or a special character (ex. ?, %, /). Please note that a big o (O) can look like a zero (0) and a big i (I) can look like a one (1).
  • Is it possible that you have aleady used the voucher before?
  • What were you buying with the voucher? With movie ticket vouchers you can only buy movie tickets (with Even Cinema vouchers also Event Cinema tickets). It is not possible to use the vouchers to buy new vouchers or snack tickets!

If none of these fix the problem, send us a problem description and the voucher number to our customer service with the  feedback form and we'll figure out what is wrong. 


Other Information

Because ticket vouchers can be used online with the voucher number, please make sure that your unused vouchers or their numbers are not accessible to outsiders (to the customer serivce you can tell your voucher number without any worries)! We recommend purcashing vouchers only from Finnkino or our authorized retailers.