Online Store | Buying and Reserving Tickets

When buying tickets, it is recommended that you are registered and signed in as a user in Finnkino's online store. Reserving tickets is only possible when you are logged in. Buying tickets is possible without signing into your customer profile, however, you should sign in if you want to save the tickets to your customer profile. 

Buy or reserve tickets by choosing the movie and time from the  webshop. 

Buying Tickets 

Pay for the tickets online and print them yourself or pick them up for the cinema ticket cashier before the movie starts. 

  • Check the movie date and time. 
  • Choose the number of tickets you want. 
  • Click on the "Buy Tickets" button. 
  • Continue to select seats. 
  • Before paying for the tickets, you can order the tickets as mobile tickets to your phone so that you do not need to print the tickets. Instead you can show the tickets from your phone screen when you arrive at the movie. 
  • Pay for the tickets through online banking, with a credit/debit card, with Finnair Plus points, with Finnkino's paper vouchers or with e-vouchers. 
  • After the payment you can print the tickets. The tickets will be sent to your email address and you can also find them for your  My Page. If you ordered a mobile ticket, you will receive a text message from where you can download your mobile tickets. The tickets can also be picked up from the cinema cashier with the purchase number. 

Buy Ticket Vouchers and Snack Vouchers 

Buy ticket or snack vouchers online for cheaper. Ticket vouchers are sold in sets, including 8 or more ticket vouchers. With these tickets you can go to the movies - even 3D movies - for cheaper! Ticket vouchers are sold in different sized sets either as printable vouchers or electronic e-vouchers. 

With snack vouchers you can get movie snacks from our cinemas. 

The addordable price of the vouchers is based on the number of tickets and limited time to use the tickets. Expired tickets cannot be changed, returned nor can the period of validity be expanded - please note the validity of your vouchers!

 Buy ticket vouchers
 Buy snack vouchers


Reserve movie tickets online and pay for them at the cinema cashier or online on your "My Page" before the reservation runs out. Usually you have to pick up the tickets 45 minutes before the movie starts. There many be exceptions to the time before the tickets have to be paid for so many sure to double check that!

  • Choose the "Reserve tickets" tab.
  • Choose the movie date and time.
  • Choose the number of tickets you want.
  • Click on the "Reserve Tickets" button. 
  • Select the seats. 
  • Confirm the reservation. 
  • Collect your reserved tickets before the required time.

If too many tickets have been reserved or the time to reserve tickets has expired, tickets can no longer be reserved. However, purchasing tickets is still possible. Also, it is not possible to reserve tickets for certain film festivals.