Online Store | Retrieving Tickets Online 

Please not that paying for reserved tickets is no longer possible when the reservation time has ended. The reservation time is in the reservation details. 

Paying for reserved tickets online 

You can pay for your reserved tickets through your "My Page". 

  • Go to  My page
  • Log in with your username.
  • Click on  My Reservations.
  • Open the reservation details. 
  • Select the tickets you want to purchase (by default all the tickets are selected). 
  • Click on "Pay for the selected tickets". 
  • Pay for the tickets with your preferred payment method. 
  • Print the tickets yourself or pick them up from the cinema cashier with the purchase number. 

Retrieving tickets from the cinema cashier

Tickets reserved through the online store can also be picked up from any of Finnkino's cinema cashiers with the reservation number before the reservation time ends. The reservation number is visible in the reservation details. The reservation time usually ends 45 minutes before the show starts. However, there can be exceptions to double check the time the reservation ends. 

 Cinema opening hours