Mobile Tickets

Movie tickets purchased from Finnkino's website and mobile site no longer need to be printed or picked up from the cinema cashier. You can now use mobile tickets! 


What is a mobile ticket?

A mobile ticket is a ticket which opens on your mobile phone and is optimized to be displayed on your mobile. The mobile ticket has a QR code which replaces the traditional barcode.


Ordering a mobile ticket

When purchasing tickets online, please provide your phone number to which we can send a text message after the purchase. The number should be in +358xxxxxxxx format, where xxxxxxxx should be your phone number without the first zero. 

The text message contains a link where you can open the mobile ticket. The text message is free for customers. 


Checking the mobile ticket

The mobile tickets are checked at the entrance of the cinema halls just like with paper movie tickets. The mobile tickets are checked by reading the QR code. The link in the text message must be opening in the browser, just the text message is not enough. 


Other remarks

A mobile ticket text message can be forwarded so when buying tickets for more than one person, you can send the tickets to others. Please note, however, that the tickets are checked at the door and the same tickets cannot be used more than once!