Art Treasures from the World 

The 2017 spring art history series includes a total of seven different performances. Tickets for all spring performances are on sale at Finnkino's cinemas and online store. Reserved tickets need to be picked up within four days (4 x 24h) after booking. You can see the exact time the tickets need to be picked up from the booking confirmation. 

Ticket prices

  • Regular tickets: 16,00 €
  • Student and retirement discount 10 %


Helsinki Kinopalatsi / Tampere Plevna / Turku Kinopalatsi /
Jyväskylä Fantasia / Kuopio Scala / Oulu Plaza

Shows on Mondays at 17.30. In Helsinki, Tampere, Turku also on Tuesdays at 15.00. 

Art Treasures from the World season for spring 2017 

MON 30.01. & TUE 31.01.

 The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch

MON 27.02. & TUE 28.02.

 The Impressionists

MON 06.03. & TUE 07.03.

 Botticelli - Inferno

MON 20.03. & TUE 21.03.

 I, Claude Monet

MON 03.04. ja TUE 04.04.

 The Artists Garden: American Impressionism

MON 17.04. 

 Papal Basilicas 3D

MON 19.06. & TUE 20.06.

 Michelangelo, Love and Death